How to Use the Golden Triangle Composition in Photography?

Golden triangle composition in photography - Phodus

Rules are Made to Broke Until you Know it First The Golden Triangle is one of the rules of composition in photography. You can say, this is the advanced version of “Rule of thirds”. The most common rule you have come across. It is not as difficult as it sounds. Once you start using these … Read more

10 Famous Food Photographers You Must Checkout

famous food photographers phodus

They are behind those mouth-watering images What makes you search for famous food photographers? Are you a chef, a food blogger, a product photographer, a housewife, Or want to become a professional advertising photographer? If you are here means,You want to learn and implement it in your life.  You have seen the aesthetic, delicious food images in magazines, blogs, and … Read more

2 Best Tripods for Nikon D3300 Cameras

Tripod Tested by Nikon D3300 users with Real Reviews The tripods that meet your requirements with an affordable budget.  Do you know?  How to find the Best tripods for Nikon D3300 Cameras? It might get a very frustrating and time-consuming process. To hover over various websites and blogs to select a single tripod. Don’t worry. … Read more

10 Fashion Photographers on Instagram You Should Follow

10 fashion photographers on Instagram to follow

Check the ways the expert does Fashion photographers on Instagram knows the ways to leverage social media platforms. To learn, grow, and have success.  There are many photo-sharing apps and websites but one of the best is Instagram. There are many famous and renowned fashion photographers on Instagram.  But here in this article, I have … Read more

21 Types of Photography You Should Know

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What is your Genre of photography single or multiple? Types of photography can raise many questions in your mind? The first question from my side. Why are you here? Why do you want to know the Different Genres of photography? They might be any reason for you to be here. Though the few basic reasons … Read more

10 Most Famous Photographers you should know

10 most famous photographers

A famous photographer was once a beginner who never gave up. Their persistence, years of experience, and continuous learning made them world-renowned photographers.  They are the voice to reality, their pictures speak for the change in society, humanity, culture, and nature. They have the vision to spread the unseen things around the world. If you … Read more

7 Best Social Media for Photographers to Grow

Social media for photographers

Let the world know your Skills Social Media for photographers is the best medium to learn, explore, grow, and promote their works and photographs.  This is the era of social media for any Industries. The attention of mass is over these platforms. Today everyone is a photographer that is due to smartphones and Social media. … Read more

10 Best photography magazines you should know

10 Best Photography Magazines

Photography magazines are the best source to be aware of the photography community. It helps you to learn and collect information about photography and things related to it. There is an abundance of information and resources available to acquire knowledge. That helps you to stay connected and grow. The magazine publisher provides you the option … Read more