5 Best Battery Grip For Sony A7C Cameras 2024 (Updated Expert Advice)

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What Is The Best Battery Grip For Sony A7C?

Introducing the ultimate accessory for Sony A7C camera enthusiasts: the best battery grip tailored to elevate your photography experience to unprecedented heights. 

In the dynamic world of photography, where every moment counts, the Sony A7C stands out as a compact powerhouse. 

However, to truly unlock its potential and extend your shooting capabilities, a reliable battery grip is indispensable. 

Enter the pinnacle of innovation – the best battery grip designed specifically for the Sony A7C. 

Engineered with precision and crafted for perfection, this accessory seamlessly integrates with your camera, offering unparalleled performance and endurance.

Elevate your craft with the best battery grip for Sony A7C cameras and embark on a journey where every shot is a masterpiece waiting to be captured.

List Of Top Best Battery Grip For Sony A7C (Choice)

  1. Sony Vertical Grip for Alpha 
  2. NEEWER Vertical Battery Grip
  3. VG-C4EM Battery Grip for Sony
  4. Meike MK-A7R IV PRO
  5. Meike MK-A7R IV

After a deep and thorough research along with expert recommendations, I have shortlisted and curated a list of top Best Battery Grips For Sony A7C.

1. Sony Vertical Grip For Sony A7C


  • Space for 2x NP-FZ100 batteries
  • Doubles operation time
  • Matching grip and controls
  • Enhanced dust/moisture resistance
  • Magnesium-chassis rigidity


  1. Extended Battery Life
  2. Consistent Look and Feel
  3. Robust Dust/Moisture Resistance
  4. Solid Magnesium-Chassis Build


  1. Additional Weight
  2. Higher Cost
  3. Limited Compatibility
  4. Bulky Design

Short Description

The Sony Vertical Grip for Alpha 7R IV – VG-C4EM is a powerful accessory designed to seamlessly integrate with the Alpha 7R IV, enhancing both functionality and endurance.

 With the capacity for 2 NP-FZ100 batteries, it effectively doubles operational time, ensuring you never miss a crucial moment. Maintaining the same grip and controls as the Alpha 7R IV, it provides a consistent user experience.

The grip’s enhanced dust and moisture resistance, coupled with a magnesium-chassis rigidity, not only safeguards your equipment but also ensures durability in various shooting conditions. 

While adding some weight and cost, the benefits of prolonged battery life and robust build make it a valuable addition for serious photographers.

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2. NEEWER Vertical Battery Grip For Sony A7C


  • Ergonomic design for comfortable grip
  • Compatible with NP-FZ100 batteries
  • Suitable for Sony A7R V, A7R IV, A9 II, A7 IV, A7S III, A1 Cameras
  • 1/4” threaded hole for tripod mounting
  • Shutter release button
  • AF/ON (Auto Focus/Manual Focus)
  • C1/C2 custom navigation button
  • AEL (AE lock)
  • Front and rear thumb wheel dial control
  • Multifunctional Remote Control


  1. Comfortable Ergonomic Design
  2. Extended Battery Life
  3. Versatile Control Features
  4. Remote Control with LCD


  1. Third-Party Compatibility
  2. Limited Weather Resistance
  3. Remote Requires Batteries
  4. Not Compatible with All Sony Models

Short Description

The NEEWER Vertical Battery Grip is an ergonomic accessory designed to provide a comfortable handheld grip for Sony A7R V, A7R IV, A9 II, A7 IV, A7S III, and A1 cameras. 

By accommodating one or two NP-FZ100 batteries, it extends the camera’s battery life for prolonged shooting sessions. The grip enhances ease of operation with features like a shutter release button, AF/ON, custom navigation buttons, and thumb wheel dial controls. 

Additionally, the included multifunctional remote control, operating at a distance of up to 131ft/40m, adds versatility with LCD display support for focusing, infrared shooting, and customizable settings. 

With a lightweight and portable design, this battery grip and remote combo is a convenient and user-friendly solution for photographers on the go.

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3. VG-C4EM Battery Grip For Sony A7C


  • Compatible with Sony A7IV, A9II, A7RIV, A7SIII, A1 Cameras
  • Comfortable and stable grip
  • Suppresses camera shake during shooting
  • Vertical shooting shutter release function
  • Uses NP-FZ100 batteries for high-volume shooting
  • Vertical shutter button for portrait shooting
  • Quick control and main dial for easy shooting
  • Standard 1/4 screw hole for tripod mounting


  1. Comfortable and Stable Grip
  2. Vertical Shooting Stability
  3. Doubles Shooting Time
  4. Quick and Multi-functional Operation


  1. No Charging Function for Grip
  2. Requires NP-FZ100 Batteries
  3. Limited Weather Resistance
  4. Specific Compatibility with Sony Models

Short Description

The VG-C4EM Battery Grip is tailor-made for Sony A7IV, A9II, A7RIV, A7SIII, and A1 cameras, providing a comfortable and stable grip that effectively minimizes camera shake during shooting.

With a vertical shooting shutter release function, it enhances shooting stability and clarity, delivering an improved hand feel for photographers. 

Powered by NP-FZ100 batteries, this battery grip doubles your shooting time, making it ideal for extended outdoor photography sessions. 

Note that the NP-FZ100 battery powers the grip but does not support the grip charging function.

Additionally, the grip can be mounted on a tripod with its standard 1/4 screw hole, providing versatility in shooting setups. The positioning hole ensures a secure fit on the camera head for stable video shooting.

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4. Meike MK-A7R IV PRO For Sony A7C


  • Double power design for horizontal or vertical shooting
  • Compatible with NP-FZ100 battery (one or two)
  • Standard 1/4″ tripod screw for easy mounting
  • C1/C2 custom navigation button, AF-ON, AEL, thumbwheel functions
  • 2.4G 100M transmission distance-LCD display timer remote control


  1. Extended Shooting Time
  2. NP-FZ100 Battery Compatibility
  3. Versatile Mounting on Tripod
  4. Customizable Navigation and Control
  5. Long-Range Remote Control with LCD


  1. Limited Battery Compatibility
  2. External Battery Required
  3. Potential Additional Weight
  4. Limited Weather Resistance

Short Description

The Meike MK-A7R IV PRO Battery Grip is a professional accessory designed for Sony A7IV, A7R IV, A9II, and A7SIII cameras, featuring a double power design for extended horizontal or vertical shooting sessions. 

Compatible with NP-FZ100 batteries, it provides versatility for one or two batteries. The grip is equipped with a standard 1/4″ tripod screw for easy mounting on a tripod, enhancing stability in various shooting setups. 

With dedicated C1/C2 custom navigation buttons, AF-ON, AEL, and front/rear thumbwheel adjusted functions, it offers comprehensive control options. 

The included 2.4G 100-meter transmission distance LCD display timer remote control allows precise settings for delay time, exposure time, interval, and the number of shots, providing photographers with flexibility and convenience in capturing the perfect shot.

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5. Meike MK-A7R IV For Sony A7C


  • Color: ZN-A7RIV
  • Brand: Meike
  • Compatible Devices: Camera
  • Item Weight: 280 Grams
  • Maximum Weight Recommendation: 280 Grams


  1. Lightweight Design (280g)
  2. Seamless Compatibility
  3. Enhances Vertical Shooting
  4. Maintains Camera Aesthetics


  1. Limited Additional Features
  2. No Battery Compatibility Information
  3. Potential Limited Controls
  4. Limited Weather Resistance

Short Description

The Meike MK-A7R IV Professional Vertical Battery Grip, in the stylish ZN-A7RIV color, is a lightweight accessory designed specifically for Sony A7IV, A7RIV, and A9II cameras. 

Weighing only 280 grams, it seamlessly integrates with your camera, adding vertical shooting capabilities without compromising the aesthetics. 

While maintaining a sleek design, it is essential to note that detailed information about battery compatibility and additional features is not provided. 

This grip is an ideal choice for those seeking a simple and lightweight solution to enhance their camera’s functionality for vertical shooting scenarios.

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Choosing the best battery grip for your Sony A7C involves weighing factors like compatibility, features, and brand reputation. 

Options such as Sony VG-C4EM, Meike MK-A7C, and Neewer Vertical Battery Grip stand out for their quality, functionality, and value. 

Consider your specific needs, shooting style, and budget to make an informed decision and elevate your Sony A7C experience with extended battery life and enhanced shooting capabilities.



Q1: What is a battery grip, and why do I need one for my Sony A7C?

A: A battery grip is an accessory that attaches to your Sony A7C to provide additional battery capacity, improved ergonomics, and enhanced shooting controls, especially during vertical compositions.

Q2: Are all battery grips compatible with the Sony A7C?

A: No, compatibility varies. Ensure the battery grip you choose explicitly mentions compatibility with the Sony A7C to avoid any issues.

Q3: Which brands offer reliable battery grips for the Sony A7C?

A: Sony, Meike, Neewer, Vello, and Powerextra are among the reputable brands known for producing reliable battery grips for the Sony A7C.

Q4: Do all battery grips come with remote control features?

A: No, not all. Some battery grips, like Neewer models, may offer remote control features, while others focus on basic functions. Check the product specifications for details.

Q5: Can I use the battery grip without additional batteries for my Sony A7C?

A: Yes, some battery grips allow you to use them without additional batteries, serving primarily as an ergonomic extension for better handling during photography.

Q6: Are there any weather-sealed battery grips available for the Sony A7C?

A: Weather sealing varies by model. Some may offer enhanced resistance against dust and moisture, but not all battery grips have this feature. Check the product specifications for weather-sealing details.

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