How Beginners Can Make More Money With Photography? 2024 (Updated)

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Smarter Ways To Grow And Earn. Your Camera Will Make You More.

I love photography...

…it is my passion.

I want to learn, grow, explore and make more.
To be financially free & live my life to the fullest. 


I don’t know what to do?
From where to start?

This is me sitting on my 6 years old chair and figuring out what to do with my life.

And then this happened, 

I found so many ways “How to make money with photography“. 
And you know what? These methods work. 

Are you relating this with yourself? Do you get such questions in your mind? Or People around you say you are a good photographer?

You never know,
There might be any reason to be a photographer. 

What I believe is :

“ Everyone holding a mobile phone is a photographer”.

When I started photography I didn’t even know I was good at it. 
It was my circumstance where the sprouts were born. 
It all started with a quote.

“ Start with whatever you have”

I don’t even know who said this but it was something said for me. 
That day I looked at my entire room and found 2 things.

The first thing was “My laptop” & the second was “My camera
But let me tell you something, 

I was into the ocean of the internet for a long time and had failed in more than a dozen businesses. In that situation, I was having an empty pocket.

No job 
No money 

Health was going down with depression.
And it was very urgent to earn money for surviving, paying bills
and spending some money on food. 

So among the two things that I found in my room. I choose to go with internet marketing and make money online.I started with purchasing a domain name and hosting to start a blog

But during this process, I thought I won’t get quick money to pay my bills. 
So I thought of joining a job, which never happened. As I wasn’t fit for any job. 

And the second option was to hold the camera. Though my friends used to say I click good pictures. So I went for a job interview and got rejected. 

There I learned that Photoshop plays a significant role in photography. 
When I came back to my room after the rejection with a hungry stomach and completely tired body.

I tried to take a nap but my mind was not allowing me. That day I decided to learn Photoshop. And in a week I learned Photoshop by watching Youtube and Google

From that day I practiced every day. And I did not stop.

It has been a long journey now. Today writing this blog for you guys to help you so that you can take maximum benefit from it.

As you have read till here. It means you are in the right place. And you are ready to take a long drive. I do not know, you are at which stage of your photography. 

Either Beginner, Amateur, or a professional photographer. Or even if you do not know, what is Photography?
If you are here means you want to dig, learn, and make more money.

This blog post is specially designed for beginners. As the experts are already doing good.
But, if you are an expert photographer & still not making more money.
Then, This post is for you too.

Now before we start, ask yourself these questions?

  1. Why did you start photography?
  2. How did you start photography?
  3. Is it your situation or choice to make more?
  4. Will you give the effort required to make more?
  5. Do you believe in yourself and the process?

These questions will play a crucial role in your journey to make more money with photography.

Without wasting your time. Let’s jump into the article.

In this article, I am not going to talk much about “Doing Job” in photography. Because through a job you will get a fixed salary but you cannot make more money.

So this blog is purely based on methods to make more money with hard and smart work.
Before we start, let me tell you how to read this article to gain more benefits from it.

Please note: This blog is divided into four parts. By reading the headings and the 1st paragraph of each part, you will get a brief idea about it. And if you think you are expert enough you can directly jump into any particular section. But I will suggest you read as per the sequence to gain more benefits from it.

Here are the four parts:

  1. Two Ways To Make Money With Photography: Self-Employed & Job With A Side Hustle (Freelance).
  2. What To Do To Make More Money With Photography?
  3. How To Build Your Photography Portfolio?
  4. How To Make More Money With Photography?

Now let’s start with part I.

Please note: Just reading this article and sitting at home will give you nothing. To do something in life. It requires a lot of hard work, consistency, and focus. If you think you can earn more money by just holding the camera and not working for it, then this article is not for you. Please don’t go further.

Part I. Two Ways To Make Money With Photography: Self-Employed & Job With A Side Hustle (Freelance)

There are 2 ways you can earn money with photography.

The first is Self-employed. 
Second is Job plus freelance.

Let me explain both ways,

The 1st way to make money with photography is


What is self-employed? When you work for yourself as a freelancer or as a business owner. Not as an employee. You can do the same with photography also.

In photography, there are many ways to earn money without doing a job as an employee of any company. 

Self-employed are as follows :

  • Freelance
  • Business
  • Blogging
  • Influencer
  • Youtube
  • Etc. 

“Anyways of working and earning money without working as a salaried employee is called self-employed”. 

In this article, I am going to speak about the types of self-employed methods only. That will help in making more money with photography. These methods are well experienced and studied. 

By following these steps you may achieve your desired goals of making more and live like a boss. 

The 2nd way to earn money with photography is

Job + Side hustle

Yes, you can join a job as a photographer to earn a fixed income. 
But remember and check the title of this blog again.
It says how to make more money, it’s not about how to earn a fixed income. 

Yes, there is a difference, 

In the job, you will get a fixed salary per month. You are limited to that fixed income. But as a self-employed you have many options to make more.

Then how could it be one of the two ways to make more money? 

It is about Job + side hustle. Not only about jobs. Apart from your job you are doing freelance work. Either doing photography, writing blogs, creating YouTube channels, or anything you wish. 

Many photographers have worked this path to make more. If you are a newbie and you don’t have a single penny to invest in your gadgets you can follow this method. 


For getting your hands into photography you can opt this method. 

But this method is struggling as compared to the 1st one. 
So initially you can do this method and once you have earned some money, then you can shift to the 1st option. 

I hope you have understood the two ways.

As you have read both the ways. Now let’s check out what all things can be done under these methods, to make more money with photography. 

I will be talking about self-employed most of the time.

As with the method, job + side hustle, a side hustle can be everything. That I will be discussing in self-employment. 

So let’s jump into part II.

Part II. What To Do To Make More Money With Photography?

In this part, I have mentioned what types of photography you can do to make more. But how to do? has been mentioned in the last part of the blog.

There are many things you can do to make more money with photography. But here we will discuss the effective ones.

8 Ways To Make More Money With Photography 

  1. Wedding Photography 
  2. Party/club photography 
  3. Blog
  4. Youtube
  5. Street Photography
  6. Stock photography
  7. Journalist Photography
  8. Events photography

I have experienced and earned money through all of these above-mentioned types of photography. But you must be thinking of where to start?

If you are an expert you must have your niche of photography

For example, you might be doing or have some experience in wedding photography. Or you might be good at weddings and street photography both.

You can make money with one or more than one types/niches. It’s your wish if you can handle the workload.

But if you are a beginner, there must be many questions running in your mind.
Which one to choose and how to do it? With a lack of confidence, stopping you from doing so.

No worry, The only thing you need to do is, Just start it.
Select any one of the niches according to your taste in photography.
Ask yourself which type of photography you love the most and can do it easily. 

If you find the answer it’s well and good. If not, follow these steps.

  • Take your camera and step out of your comfort zone.
  • Start clicking whatever you see around yourself. 
  • Go do street photography, click your friends, girls, families, landscape, nature. And attend events and function with your camera.

Go burn your ass!

Once you have done it. Now relax your ass and follow the other steps.
Collect all the pictures and start posting it one by one in social media utilizing all the features of it. 

Also, post it in your whatsapp status and share it with all your families and friends.

Now make notes in your google docs. With headings of all the different types of photography, you have done. And once you have posted it on Instagram & Facebook, check which pictures have got the most no. of response.

This is one way you will come to know which type of photography suits you. 
And the other way is while burning your ass, you will come to know your taste.

As you will find whether you like to do street photography, weddings or clicking beautiful girls.
So once you’re done with finding your niche.

Now you have to present your work to the world.
To do so you have to make a portfolio and showcase it through different mediums. Whichever place possible in the starting phase.

Remember: Portfolio is the solution, it is mandatory. Don’t miss it. Prepare the best of the best portfolio you can create.

“ Whatever pictures you click should be the best picture” 

The next part will show you how to build your portfolio and where to showcase it.

Let’s move to Part III

Part III. How To Build Your Photography Portfolio?

When I started I was confused and was wondering what to do and how to do it? 
I simply started clicking whatever I saw on my way to reach here.

I went to 

Fashion shows
Family functions
And whatnot?

And slowly I created my portfolio.

Now if you are thinking. What is a Photography Portfolio?
It is a collection of your work(pictures) to show it to someone to get some clients or work.

Now to create the portfolio. let’s go back to part II. 
If you have followed the steps of part II while finding your niche in photography.

Then congratulations!!

You have collected a few pictures for your portfolio. 
But no need to get excited, to get cream clients you need to have the best pictures in your collection.

So let’s follow a few steps to create an effective Photography portfolio. That will help you in getting more clients and more money.

1. Go click 

I hope till now you know which niche you like the most.
Once you are done with identifying your niche.
Just start clicking as much as you can.

Say for example if you love street photography go taste the road and whichever place you can visit. And start clicking pictures with your best technique and knowledge.

During this process remember one thing. You are the best photographer and whatever pictures you are producing should be the best picture.

Any questions????

Yes, I have a question. what to do after clicking those pictures?
Go have a party, you are doing good.

When you are done with the party. Now select the best of the best pictures from your recent clicks and make a collection.

Note: If you click 100 pictures in a day select the best 5 out of that. 

And then again go to a party. Chill, in the next step I will tell you what to do with these selected pictures.

2. Photoshop/Lightroom

Yes you have to deal with Photoshop. If you want to earn more than learn it. To retouch or enhance your selected pictures.

Now the question is will it take time. Yes, it will but the quality you will produce after that will be mesmerizing. It’s not necessary to be an expert in Photoshop or Lightroom.

But you need to learn the basics so that you can make your photographs more beautiful. You can learn Photoshop by taking any courses or can read blogs and watch Youtube.

Youtube is the place where I have learned Photoshop. I used to sit over my laptop learning and practicing it.

I started a course tutorial on Youtube and in four days. I have completed it and from the 5th day. I started practicing Photo retouch and Photo manipulation.

Learning photo retouching will be much easier than photo manipulation.
Mine was complete Photoshop, which included photo manipulation also.

How to quickly learn Photoshop/ Lightroom?
The answer is Practice practice and practice… 

The only key to becoming good in this editing software is to practice as much as you can.
Put photo retouching in your daily routine and see the difference in your photographs.

The 3rd step is very easy but plays a vital role. So don’t miss it.

3. Name, Email, Phone no. & address

What will I do writing all these things and where to write? 
Yes, these are just names and many photographers do not give importance to it.

But your name will be like the brand name which will represent you and your photographs. 
So before presenting it to the world make google docs and write these details.

Which you will use throughout your work process. Decide your name, what name you want people to call you. It could be anything you want. You can name it in your name or brand name.

Make it small and easy to pronounce. For example Michael Photography or Shutterbugs photography.

Once you have decided your name. Now make an email id based on the name you have decided. After that write the phone no. you are going to use it for your work.

And if possible you can mention your address too. 
I hope this process will be easy for you to do.

Let us check out the next one.

4. Social Media 

It is one of the best marketplaces for self-employed individuals. Other than this it is also the best marketplace for any other business.

Once you have started uploading your portfolio. It can help you get potential clients and you can utilize social media as a marketing tool also.

What you have to do is? Start posting in the following social media.

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Tiktok

Upload at least 4 posts per day.

5. Website

The website is one of the best ways to present your information. But it’s not necessary for the starting stage. You can skip this if you find it tricky. 

If you want to make your website you can hire a web developer or you can build it yourself using WordPress

But in my suggestion try to build your website asap you can.
It helps you to get high-end clients and shows your level of interest in photography.

I was a lot into the internet and digital marketing. I came to know about the content management system (WordPress). And one day I decided to make my website and have built many websites after that.

Including Wedding photography websites, photography academy websites. And the one you are reading now.

So in this part, you have learned how to make your photography portfolio and how to present them to the world. 
After this, you will start getting clients and your pocket will feel the weight.

Now in Part IV, you will learn how to make money as a Photographer using your photography niches.

Part IV. How To Make More Money With Photography?

There are many more types/niches of photography. As till now, you have understood which niche suits your personality. 

But a quick change here. Once you try different niches and start earning some money.
Your earlier decided niche may change. Because of many factors like market demand, client frequency, money flow, etc.

Now in this part,

I will talk about how to make money from photography using the niches we have selected in part II. 

We will talk about what to do and how to do in this part. 
You can opt for any ways to earn and can generate income.

So let’s check, what to do list from part II and explain it in this part.

Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is a no stopping business and it is growing rapidly all around the world.

 Almost every individual gets married someday, though it’s not necessary because there are some exceptional cases.

Wedding Photography USA Phodus
Pc: Daniel

The wedding industry is on boom these days and it will continue growing until any revolution changes it. As it is an emerging market big fish are jumping into this industry and even the small scale people are joining this industry.

So day by day this market will get more competitive. When I entered into wedding photography I wasn’t having any idea about the competition in the market.

The only focus in my mind was that this industry has more money to earn.

I must tell you before you start earning in wedding photography that there is a huge competition in it. And the reason is the growing market.

But you need not worry. Keep reading, later on, you will find out how you can make it despite having such huge competition.

As the wedding industry is growing, wedding photography is also growing.
As it is part of the wedding industry. And every service provider related to weddings is growing.

Like for example. The wedding planner, The Flower vendor, wedding dresses. Wedding accessories, and many more all are growing.

Now the point is how you will make more out of it.

See you have two options.

  1. Own a wedding photography business or
  2. Become a freelance wedding photographer 

Let’s talk about both one by one

Own a wedding photography business

If you have lots of money in your pocket. Or you are an expert wedding photographer. Who can collect some funds from the market, then you can start a wedding photography business

It is entirely a big project where other than photography you have to deal with your customers, employees, vendors, lenders. And in it, everything will be your responsibility.

It will be a small business initially but your vision can make it a big one.
Now, If you don’t have funds and you are a beginner. I will suggest you go with freelance wedding photography.

Let’s talk about it.

Become a freelance wedding photographer 

Yes, this is for you. If you love clicking photographs of beautiful brides, bridesmaids, groom, emotions, and drama.

If you have selected a wedding photography niche then there must be something that has attracted you.
Either the beautiful girls or the money both ways are fine.

I once choose wedding photography. Because everything is so beautiful and happening. And the camera knows it well how to make it more beautiful.

Coming to the point. Every year, every month, every week and every day. There is a wedding ceremony going on in this world and your location too.

You need not worry about work.

As weddings are going day by day, likely the wedding photographers are on tremendous demand. 

How does it work? 

The wedding photography businesses get lots of booking as they are well established and have credibility in the market. And every wedding photography business needs wedding photographers in the wedding season.

Now your question might be, they have their permanent photographers working for them. Why would they hire you as a freelance photographer? They will hire you because.

  • You are more skilled
  • Wedding photography required lots of photographers in a single event
  • They get bookings for more than one event for the same day.
  • Simply lack of photographers occurs during wedding sessions.

So you need to be skilled and the best in the market. Now see how it is beneficial for you:

  • You will get lots of workflows.
  • You will earn money instantly.
  • You will get paid based on the market rate and that is fine.
  • You will get a good amount of money.
  • You can set your own value, you can demand your known price if you are highly skilled.
  • Click the picture and your responsibility is over.
  • You need not worry about the customer and the post-production work.

So these are all the imperative things you have if you do freelance wedding photography. Let us see some real example:

You are completely fit and full of zeal to deal with the world. 

Suppose you charge $100 for a day. And as you are fit you can work 5 days a week.
See the calculation, in a week you will make $500 a week.

So in a month, you will make $2000 per month.
In a year you will make $24000.

I have Taken $100 for example which is a very average amount.

Many freelance wedding photographers charge much higher than this.

Do you still find it less?
Don’t worry, keep reading, there is something more for you.

Now the question is how to get freelance wedding photography work/clients?

Let me tell you how I got my first wedding photography work.

One day I went to meet my brother at his college. And I was retouching a model’s headshot.

My brother’s friends entered the room and I was introduced to them. One of them named Mudit saw the picture on my laptop and asked me who she is? 

I told him she is a model and his next question was, are you a photographer?

I said, yes.

And then the conversation began and most of his friends came to know that I am a good photographer.

And one of his friends liked my click so much that he called me for her sister’s wedding ceremony. For candid wedding photography.


What do you have to do to get the work? Follow these points:

  • Upload pictures on all social media 
  • Start making good network
  • Share your portfolio with all the wedding photography companies near your place. 
  • Share your portfolio with all the production houses. And also with all the people related to the wedding industry.

Here is one of the templates you can use for getting more wedding work.
Make a list of all the vendors and people related to the wedding Industry.

How will you make the list?
Go to Google and type with your State or city name

Wedding Photography In Los Angeles” and note the name, email address, and phone no. of the companies.

Do it for the top 20 searches.

Now open Instagram and type in the search box

Wedding photography Los Angeles” and click “Accounts”.

Then check the top 10 profiles and note their user name and mobile no.
You can do the same with other social media like Facebook and TikTok.

Go to a google sheet and put the name, email address, mobile no, user name, and the sources.


Write a note saying about yourself. And your work with your portfolio link and mention the charges also.
And send it to all the people listed on that google sheet.

Add more value to your customer satisfaction and get more clients.

Example Template:

Hello Sir/Ma’am
I am Micheal from Los Angeles, a freelance wedding photographer.

I was going through your website and found it one of the best among the others in the city.

I have a quality of experience in wedding photography. And worked as a freelance photographer for many wedding photography companies. Who deals with luxury clients.

This is the link to my portfolio, Please have a look over it, and if you find it worth it. We can have a deal with your next wedding shoots.

I charge $ 100 for a day event for raw data.
And with editing, it will cost $ 150.

Let the world see different levels of creativity.

Thank you
Phone no:
Email id:

You can use the same template or can write your own. The above one is tested and has gained lots of work.

Now let’s talk about the second method.

Party/Club Photography 

Wow, party! 
I love it. It will be fun.

Yes, parties are always fun. But this time you will enjoy the party as well as you will earn some good money. 
Once you are ready with the basic photography skill and get your portfolio done.

Night party club Photography USA Phodus
By Anthony

Now, What do you have to do? 

Again make a list in the google sheet. Search in the google search engine by typing “Club/cafe in Los Angeles”. 

And note the name, email, phone no. and address. 
Repeat this by searching on Instagram, Facebook. And dm/inbox them to get their details. 

Now put these details in google sheets. Once the list is completed send them mail or whats app them, asking for freelance work.

For example Template

Hello Sir/Ma’am

I am Micheal from Los Angeles, a freelance Party/Club photographer.

I was going through your website and found it one of the best among the others in the city.

I have a quality of experience in such events and worked as a freelance photographer for many Clubs and hotels. Who organize premium parties.

This is the link to my portfolio, Please have a look over it, and if you find it worth it. 
We can have a deal for the next night’s party.

I charge $ 100 for a day event for raw data. 
And with editing, it will cost $ 150.

Let your clients feel the ambiance of luxury.

Thanking You
Phone no:
Email id:

This is how you will get a party/club photography work.

Never forget to make contacts and share your details with other people you interact with, at the party.

Got it. 

Any questions? 

So how much can you make out of party photography? 
This depends on your mindset, skills, contacts, and market rate.

Open your Instagram, Facebook, and search for people who are already in this field. 

And have a conversation with them. Ask them a few questions.

  • Where do they work?
  • How much are they paid?
  • Can you help me get your first freelance work?
  • Share your portfolio with him.
  • Share your contact details with them.

Few photography tips for Party/club photography:

  • Learn the skill of low light photography.
  • Keep the ISO high in low light, with a fast aperture and compensate the shutter speed according to that, for example, keep it 125
  • Use a flashlight with a diffuser.

Along with Party/club photography, you can do wedding photography also.
So your income will be doubled.

Suppose you make $2000/month from wedding photography and $2000/month from party/club photography.
You can make $4000 per month in total.

Remember this is an average amount you can make more than this depending on your hard work and skills.The best part of this photography is you get opportunities to show your skills to many premium people.

You also get free access to the party houses. Many times it happens you get clients from there itself. The other benefits are you just have to deal with raw data and your work is over. 

So you have plenty of day time where you can do something else. 
Don’t forget to take proper sleep after work. Suppose you work for 4 to 6 hrs. 
Take a sleep of 6 to 8 hours. And then you will get enough time to focus on other work.

Always try to improve your skills in comparison with your previous work. 

Now let’s check out other ways.

Street Photography 

How to make money with Street Photography?

Street photography is the best way of learning and improving photography skills. 

What is street photography? 
When you take your steps out of your house and start clicking whatever you see around yourself is street photography. 

Walking over the streets looking for some beautiful moments to capture.

Here are some examples of street photography. 

Now coming to the main point, how can you make money out of it? 
Street photographers are doing amazingly these days. 

They just click pictures and upload them on their social media. 
It helps to get popularity which finally leads to more work.

Now let us see, How to earn money? 

Stock Photography

You can sell it as a stock image. Later in the below section stock photography has been explained properly.
Street photography improves your photography skills and it helps in collecting good stock which you can upload for sale. And make money with photographs.


You can sell the pictures online for prints. It’s not that popular these days.
There are websites like where you can sell your pictures for print and they pay a good amount for that. 


It helps in creating a good portfolio.
You will get many other commercial works. Like event photography, club photography, wedding photography.
Also fashion shoots, bloggers shoots, and many more.

So be active on Instagram and Facebook with your work. People do get lots of work through this process. 

Travel photography blogger

You can become a travel blogger and earn money by blogging. Blogging itself is a wider term.

Later in the down line travel photography and blogging have been explained properly. You can even earn through your Instagram and Facebook:

How to earn money from Instagram with photography skills? Would you like to know how? Keep on uploading the best pictures and increase the followers by providing valuable content.

Once you reach a good amount of followers, there are many ways to make money out of it. Like affiliate marketing, ad marketing, promotion, etc. 

Teach street photography

When you become an expert in street photography, you can conduct a workshop or photo walk.
For conducting workshops you can post advertisements on Instagram, Facebook.

You can also make what’s app and Facebook group and make announcements for the upcoming workshop or classes.

To remind you again “Street photography is the best way to improve your photography skills”. So these are the few things you can do and make more with street photography.

There are many other ways to make money through street photography but they are either very complicated or have very lesser pay. 

Here are a few examples for street photographers who have made it large.


How to earn money with photography blogging?

Blogging is a very wide concept. It is one of the most popular and oldest methods of earning money online.
It can make you wealthy but it’s not that easy as it sounds though not difficult also.

If you work with a mindset to earn money with blogging you will achieve it with fruitful results.

Before we start something about it let me discuss the blogging mindset. It’s very easy to start a blog.
As many bloggers talk about how to start a blog

Once you get started you did your 1st task but that doesn’t mean you have achieved your goal.

You have to make a mindset before you are starting a blog.

  • The mindset of not giving up.
  • The mindset of making more money from the blog.
  • The mindset of solving errors/problems.
  • The mindset of failing and standing again.
  • The mindset of trying it one more time.
  • The mindset of solving problems of mass.

People start a blog but due to lack of patience, they broke in the middle.
The point is that in blogging, money takes time to reach your pocket.

But once it does you will learn that skill to make through blogging.
You can earn six figures income through blogging even more than that.

Many bloggers are doing it. You must be thinking if every photographer knows this why isn’t everyone doing it. Because it takes time, you need to be persistent, consistent, and hard-working.

And many people indeed start a blog to earn more but it’s also true that many of them drop it in the middle.
You got an opportunity. To work harder and make it.

So before you start a blog, make a blogging mindset that you will not stop until you start earning more.
For blogging, you have to select a niche. And the photography niche is highly competitive.

There are many ways to monetize your blogs like AdSense, affiliate marketing, online courses, and more. As it is competitive it gets a little tough but not impossible. 

As you are a photographer it will be easier for you to start a photography blog.

Among all the above ways of making money with photography mentioned in this part, blogging is one of the best ones. And this is one of the ways I am making money online with photography.

The blog you are reading right now pays me. The ads from google you see running on my website. I get paid when you click on that.

But please don’t click for the sake of making me a millionaire.

So do you want to start a blog? But the question is how?

How to start a photography blog to earn more?

As blogging entirely is a very wide term and it will require a separate blog post to make it easier for you to understand. 

But briefly let me explain to you, how to start a photography blog?

Basically to start a blog you need to follow three steps.

The three steps are as follows:

  1. Website
  2. Content 
  3. Monetization 

Before I speak about these three steps. 
Let me first tell you a few things you need to follow. 

As you are a photographer and you have made a good portfolio till now. It will be easy for you to write a blog.
Before you start doing proper research, read blogs, books, watch videos on Youtube, or listen to podcasts.

Collect great content. If possible start reading books it helps in writing content.

Now let’s start with the 1st step.


To start a website you need to have a Domain name and Hosting. You can build your website using WordPress.

If you find it difficult you can hire a developer for building your website.
I have purchased my domain name from GoDaddy and hosting from Cloudways.

Remember a few things while building your website:

  • Choose a very clean theme.
  • Make your website safe by using an SSL certificate. Google does not consider a website safe if it’s not certified with SSL.
  • Look and feel matters when it comes to websites.

Once you are done with the structure of the website. Now you have to create content. 

Content Creation

Creating content means you have to write blogs for the photography niche.

In blogging, finding niches is a very difficult task and after a lot of experience and time, people come to know about their niche.

But here, it’s to your benefit that, you have your niche already that is photography.
Remember the very vital point before writing your content is to do proper keyword research.

Now, what is keyword research

Before talking about Keyword research let me tell you what is a keyword?

Anything you search on a search engine is a keyword.
The basic purpose of doing keyword research is you will get to know the largely searched keywords.

After doing keyword research you can target these keywords in your content.

Now keyword research is the process in which you list the keywords whose search volume is higher and also you get an idea to write your blogs.

Once the keyword research is done you have to implement those keywords in your contents. 
And while writing your content. Make sure you follow the Rules of SEO search engine optimization.

If you couldn’t understand all these things then please check the followings:

  • How to do SEO for my blog?
  • How to make a website for my photography niche?
  • How to purchase a domain name?
  • How to host my website?
  • What is keyword research and how to do it?
  • How to do keyword research for my website?

Go through these topics and it will get easier for you to understand this section.
Now, start writing blog posts and upload two contents in a week. 

The word counts should be more than your competitors to outrank them in google search engine.
Now you have to get traffic for your website and for that you can do SEO.
So that it will rank on google.

You can also promote your blog on Social media.
Doing that will also help you in increasing your rank.

Once you are done with your content writing, posting content, and generating traffic.
Now the next step is how to monetize it.

Let us check this in the next section.


There are many ways to monetize your blog. But you have to start it with the simple one first, as you cannot jump directly into the most difficult one.

These are the following ways to monetize your photography blog:

Google Adsense 

Google Adsense is a product of google. Where is it they display ads on your website and you get paid when anyone clicks the ad.

Uh oh, that’s so simple I will ask my cousin to keep on clicking the ads.

Stop! Never do this. 

Do you think Google is a fool? Google Adsense has a very strict policy.
Don’t try to do things on excitement or else you will miss it. 

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is another best way of making money online. 

What is affiliate marketing

Selling someone else’s products through your medium. Like your blog post and get a commission on your every sale is called Affiliate marketing.

The best part is, there are many products to an affiliate in photography niches.

For example, you can affiliate camera, lens, courses, books, equipment, and many more…
You can take amazon affiliate or can search for more affiliates online.

Create courses

According to my experience selling courses online pays more than the above two monetization methods.
But to create a course you need to have lots of experience in this field. 

So don’t try to directly jump on creating an online photography course.
First, learn it and then go for it.

Please note: don’t run behind the money. First, learn and experience these skills, the money will follow you.

Please Remember:

“Money is a by-product”.


Oh here comes your favorite one. Do I need to tell you about Youtube?

Yes, Youtube is one of the best ways these days, to make more money with photography. 

But the question is how?

As you know it is a video-based website so you need to create video content. 
So what kind of videos can you create on photography for Youtube?

As a photographer, you have so many options to create content like:

  • You can always share your regular day’s photography Vlog. 
  • You can provide the latest information related to photography.
  • You can teach techniques of photography.
  • You can share your workshop videos.
  • You can also provide reviews of the latest cameras and lenses.
  • You can suggest books, blogs, and magazines to the photographers to read.

You don’t have to think about the contents of photography niches.

And also you can narrow down the niches. And talk about wedding photography, street photography, club photography and so on.

Again I want to tell you, success doesn’t hit over the night, and on Youtube, it takes time to generate money.
Have patience and keep creating valuable content.

Many famous YouTubers are doing wonderful things on Youtube.
Here are a few top photography YouTubers.

Events Photography

The functions don’t stick to weddings only. Some many more events and functions take place on a day to day basis. 

You can do freelance photography for the following types of photography :

  • Birthday functions
  • Maternity shoots
  • Fashion bloggers shoot
  • Product photography
  • Corporate events photography

The question is how to get clients for such events?

Follow the steps you did in getting clients for wedding photography.
Take for example you love to click pictures of glamorous girls.

So you can look for fashion bloggers but remember, search for high paid fashion bloggers. Because everybody doesn’t have money to pay.

You can search them over Instagram and Facebook.
Take out their contact details and send greetings with your portfolio.

Journalist Photography

The name says it all but you need to understand how it works. 

Have you seen a movie called “spider-man”? Where Mr. Peter Parker work as a freelance photographer for a local newspaper agency? 

But unfortunately, he got fired and got a superpower of a spider to save the world. 
You never know you can also get such power.

Just kidding!

In journalism photography. You click the latest news or information and sell it to the news agencies.
It can be a local newspaper or magazine or TV channel. It depends on you with whom you get connected.

What kind of pictures do you sell?
Any type of news event going on, You can cover the event.

It can be political, entertainment, sports, business, or any type of news event.
You can fix the price per picture with the agency and work for them as a freelance photographer.

Stock Photography

When it comes to stock photography people think. It’s just about clicking and uploading pictures. And the money will flow in.

It’s not like that, for making space in stock photography you need to work hard.

In improving your skills, observing the market, studying, collecting information. Submitting lots of pictures and the most imperative keep practicing.

What is stock photography?

Selling your clicked pictures online is stock photography.

Yes, it’s that simple. Whenever your pictures get downloaded by any customer. You get a commission for that it maybe 20 % 30% 40% 50% depends on the particular companies.

You can say it is a passive income, upload the pictures and sit back you will earn when anyone downloads the image. You get a commission for it.

Everything looks easy but making more money out of stock photography takes time but it’s achievable. It tells you how to make money with photographs.

The significance of stock photography is :

  • You don’t have to worry about clients’ responses.
  • You get time to work on other projects too.
  • You don’t have to search for clients.
  • You don’t have to take care of all social media.

The only thing you have to do is.

Learn practice click upload and wait for the commission.

And the things which are going to irritate you as a beginner
You will find difficulty to sell your 1st picture.
You have to research the most downloaded pictures.

Now let’s check out with the stock photography websites.
Here is the top 10 websites were you can submit your pictures.

  1. Shutter stock
  2. Istockphoto
  3. 123RF
  4. Dreamstime
  5. Getty Images
  6. Adobe Stock
  7. Stocksy 
  8. Bigstock
  9. Alamy
  10. Crestock

These are the above websites you can go to and sell your stock images.

Here are a few tips for stock photograph


I hope you enjoyed the article and it was helpful for you…!

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