5 Best Flash For Sony A9 III Cameras 2024 (Updated Expert Advice)

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What is The Best Flash For Sony A9 III?

Capturing the perfect shot requires more than just a skilled photographer – it demands cutting-edge equipment that can keep up with your creative vision. 

If you’re the proud user of the Sony A9 III, you already know the power and precision it brings to your photography. 

Now, imagine elevating your photography game even further with the 5 Best Flash options specifically tailored for the Sony A9 III. 

In this dynamic world of visual storytelling, the right flash isn’t just an accessory; it’s the key to unlocking unparalleled clarity, versatility, and creativity.

Let’s explore the top 5 flashes that seamlessly integrate with the Sony A9 III, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in every frame.

List Of Top 5 Best Flash For Sony A9 III For Your Choice

  1. Sony GN60 Wireless Flash
  2. Profoto A10 On-Camera Flash
  3. Sony GN46 Wireless Flash
  4. Sony HVLF32M MI Camera Flash
  5. Godox V1S Professional Flash Speedlite

After extensive hours of research and expert opinion and recommendations, I have shortlisted the top 5 Best Flash For Sony A9 III.

1. Sony GN60 Wireless Flash For Sony A9 III


  • Brand: Sony
  • Compatible Mountings: Sony Multi Interface Shoe
  • Included Components: Flash, Stand, Connector Protect Cap, Carrying pouch, Bounce Adaptor, Color Filters
  • Product Dimensions: 5.75″D x 4.12″W x 3.12″H
  • Color: Black


  1. GN60 Powerful Output
  2. Wireless Radio Control
  3. Compact Design
  4. Versatile Color Filters


  1. Limited Included Accessories
  2. Higher Price Point
  3. Learning Curve for Beginners
  4. Size May Be Bulky for Some

Short Description

Sony’s GN60 Wireless Radio Control External Flash, designed exclusively for the Sony A9 III, stands out as a powerhouse accessory. 

Boasting a powerful GN60 output, it ensures optimal lighting for your shots. The wireless radio control feature adds a layer of convenience, allowing for flexible positioning. 

Its compact design makes it a portable companion, while the included color filters offer creative versatility.

Despite some limitations, this flash is a compelling choice for photographers seeking top-notch performance and innovative features.

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2. Profoto A10 On-Camera Flash For Sony A9 III


  • Brand: Profoto
  • Compatible Mountings: Sony
  • Camera Flash: Built-In
  • Connectivity Technology: Wireless
  • Number of Batteries: 1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)


  1. Profoto Reliability
  2. Built-In Flash Functionality
  3. Seamless Wireless Connectivity
  4. Convenient Included Battery


  1. Premium Price
  2. Limited Mounting Compatibility
  3. May Lack Some Advanced Features
  4. Slightly Heavier Than Competitors

Short Description

Enter the world of professional lighting with the Profoto A10 On-Camera Flash Light designed exclusively for Sony cameras. 

With its built-in flash functionality, this on-camera flash is a reliable companion for photographers seeking consistent and powerful lighting. 

The seamless wireless connectivity adds flexibility to your shooting setup, allowing you to capture the perfect shot effortlessly. 

While the included battery provides convenience, the premium price reflects the quality and reliability associated with the Profoto brand. 

Keep in mind its slightly heavier build and limited compatibility with other mounts, but for Sony users, the A10 is an investment in top-tier on-camera flash technology.

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3. Sony GN46 Wireless Flash For Sony A9 III


  • Brand: Sony
  • Compatible Mountings: Sony Multi Interface Shoe
  • Included Components: Flash, Stand, Connector Protect Cap, Carrying pouch
  • Product Dimensions: 3.5″D x 2.75″W x 4.63″H
  • Color: Black


  1. Wireless Radio Control
  2. Compact and Lightweight
  3. Easy to Carry Pouch
  4. Compatible with Sony Multi Interface Shoe


  1. Limited Included Accessories
  2. Moderate Power Output (GN46)
  3. May Lack Advanced Features
  4. No Color Filters Included

Short Description

The Sony GN46 Wireless Radio Control External Flash is a compact powerhouse designed for photographers on the go.

With its wireless radio control feature, you gain flexibility in your shooting setup. The compact and lightweight design, coupled with an easy-to-carry pouch, makes it an ideal companion for those who prioritize portability. 

While the GN46 power output is moderate, it suits various shooting scenarios. For Sony users seeking a reliable and portable external flash, this is a compelling option for enhancing your photography experience.

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4. Sony HVLF32M MI Camera Flash For Sony A9 III


  • Brand: Sony
  • Compatible Mountings: Sony Alpha
  • Camera Flash: Built-In
  • Included Components: Mini-stand(1), Carrying Case(1), Connector Protect Cap(1)
  • Product Dimensions: 7″D x 4.5″W x 4″H


  1. Built-In Flash Convenience
  2. Compact and Portable Design
  3. Included Mini-Stand for Versatility
  4. Dedicated Carrying Case for Protection


  1. Limited Power Output
  2. No Wireless Connectivity
  3. Basic Feature Set
  4. Compatible with Sony Alpha Only

Short Description

Step into streamlined photography with the Sony HVLF32M MI Camera Flash designed for Sony Alpha cameras. 

Boasting a built-in flash, this compact and portable accessory is perfect for photographers seeking simplicity and convenience. 

The included mini-stand enhances versatility, while the dedicated carrying case ensures protection on the go. Note the limited power output and the absence of wireless connectivity, making it suitable for straightforward lighting needs.

With a basic feature set and compatibility limited to Sony Alpha cameras, the HVLF32M caters to photographers who prioritize ease of use and essential functionality in a sleek design.

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5. Godox V1S Professional Flash Speedlite For Sony A9 III


  1. Brand: GODOX
  2. Compatible Mountings: Sony
  3. Camera Flash: Slave
  4. Flash Sync Speed: 1/8000
  5. Product Dimensions: 2.99″D x 3.66″W x 7.76″H


  1. Professional Studio Lighting
  2. High Flash Sync Speed (1/8000)
  3. Versatile Compatibility with Sony Cameras
  4. Compact and Portable Design


  1. May Require Additional Accessories for Full Functionality
  2. Learning Curve for Beginners
  3. Moderate Price Point
  4. Not Built-In; Requires Mounting on Camera

Short Description

Elevate your studio photography with the Godox V1S Professional Camera Flash Speedlite, meticulously crafted for Sony cameras. 

With its slave flash capability, it seamlessly integrates into your setup, providing professional studio lighting. 

The high flash sync speed of 1/8000 ensures precise captures in dynamic situations. 

Boasting versatile compatibility with various Sony models, this compact and portable flash offers flexibility without compromising performance. 

While it may require additional accessories for full functionality and has a moderate learning curve, the Godox V1S is a worthy investment for photographers seeking professional-grade lighting solutions and creative control. 

The included Godox AK-R1 Pocket Flashlight Accessories enhance your creative possibilities, making this combination an excellent choice for aspiring and seasoned photographers alike.

Buy It Now: Godox V1S Professional Flash Speedlite For Sony A9 III


The 5 best flashes for the Sony A9 III offer a range of options catering to diverse photography needs. 

From Sony’s reliable wireless options to the professional-grade offerings of Profoto and the versatility of Godox, these flashes enhance the A9 III’s capabilities. 

Consider your specific requirements, whether it’s power, portability, or studio-level precision, to choose the perfect companion for unlocking the full potential of your Sony A9 III in any photographic scenario.



Are these flashes specifically designed for the Sony A9 III?

Yes, all the recommended flashes are compatible with the Sony A9 III, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance.

Do these flashes support wireless functionality?

Yes, several of the recommended flashes, including Sony GN60, Profoto A10, and Godox V1S, feature wireless capabilities for enhanced flexibility in your photography setup.

Are these flashes suitable for on-the-go photographers?

Absolutely. Flashes like Sony GN46 and Sony HVLF32M MI are compact and portable, making them ideal for photographers who prioritize mobility.

Do these flashes come with essential accessories?

Yes, each flash comes with its set of accessories, such as stands, carrying pouches, and connector protect caps, ensuring you have what you need for various shooting scenarios.

Are there specific flashes recommended for studio photography?

Yes, both Profoto A10 and Godox V1S are highlighted for their professional studio capabilities, offering high flash sync speeds and features suitable for studio setups.

Can beginners easily use these flashes?

While some flashes may have a learning curve, like the Godox V1S, others, such as Sony HVLF32M MI, are designed for simplicity, making them suitable for photographers of all skill levels.

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