10 Most Famous Wildlife Photographers On Instagram 2024 (Updated)

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Who Is The Best Wildlife Photographer On Instagram?

In recent years, social media platforms have become a powerful medium for individuals to showcase their talents, and wildlife photography has found its niche on Instagram.

With its visually captivating nature and ability to transport viewers to the far corners of the Earth, wildlife photography has gained immense popularity, inspiring people to appreciate and conserve the natural world.

In this article, I will introduce the profiles of ten exceptional wildlife photographers on Instagram who have not only captured stunning images but also used their platforms to raise awareness about conservation efforts and the beauty of wildlife.

List Of Top 10 Most Famous Wildlife Photographers On Instagram

  1. Christina Mittermeier @mitty
  2. Joel Sartore @joelsartore
  3. Christian Ziegler @christianziegler
  4. Paul Nicklen @paulnicklen
  5. Anuar Patjane  @anuarpatjane
  6. Jens Cullman @jens_cullmann
  7. Piotr Naskręcki @piotr_naskrecki
  8. Steve Winter @stevewinterphoto
  9. Ami Vitale @amivitale
  10. Frans Lanting @franslanting 

1. Christina Mittermeier [@mitty]

With 1.6 million followers, Christina Mittermeier’s photography captures the delicate balance between humans and nature. 

Her images showcase the beauty of wildlife and their habitats, while also highlighting the importance of conservation efforts. 

Through her work, she inspires her followers to appreciate and protect the natural world.

Instagram account: Christina Mittermeier 

2. Joel Sartore [@joelsartore]

 With an impressive following of 1.6 million, Joel Sartore’s “Photo Ark” project aims to document every species in captivity, raising awareness about the biodiversity crisis and the need for conservation.

 His powerful photographs captivate viewers, showcasing the beauty and diversity of the animal kingdom and encouraging a sense of responsibility towards its preservation.

Instagram account: Joel Sartore

3. Christian Ziegler [@christianziegler]

With 128K followers, Christian Ziegler’s photography transports viewers into the intricate world of tropical ecosystems. His images beautifully capture the biodiversity found within rainforests, showcasing the unique species and their habitats. 

Ziegler’s work not only celebrates the beauty of nature but also raises awareness about the importance of preserving these delicate ecosystems for future generations.

Instagram account: Christian Ziegler

4. Paul Nicklen [@paulnicklen]

With an astounding 7.4 million followers, Paul Nicklen is renowned for his captivating images that shed light on the effects of climate change on polar regions. 

His photography emphasizes the struggles faced by wildlife, particularly polar bears, due to melting ice and changing environments. 

Through his work, Nicklen urges viewers to take action and protect these fragile ecosystems before it’s too late.

Instagram account: Paul Nicklen 

5. Anuar Patjane [@anuarpatjane]

With 38K followers, Anuar Patjane’s underwater photography takes viewers on a mesmerizing journey beneath the waves.

 His stunning images capture the beauty and grace of marine life, advocating for the protection of our oceans and raising awareness about the need for conservation. 

Patjane’s work showcases the vibrant diversity of underwater ecosystems and reminds us of the importance of preserving these fragile environments.

Instagram account: Anuar Patjane

6. Jens Cullman [@jens_cullmann]

With 85.9K followers, Jens Cullman’s photography focuses on the remarkable wildlife found in Africa. His images beautifully capture the stunning landscapes and the incredible animals that inhabit them. 

Cullman’s work not only showcases the beauty of African wildlife but also highlights the conservation challenges they face. 

Through his photographs, he aims to create awareness and inspire a deeper appreciation for the rich biodiversity of the African continent.

Instagram account: Jens Cullman

7. Piotr Naskręcki [@piotr_naskrecki]

With 11.2K followers, Piotr Naskręcki’s photography focuses on macro shots of insects and small creatures. 

His images reveal the intricate beauty and fascinating details of these often-overlooked creatures, creating a sense of awe and appreciation for the diversity of life on our planet. 

Through his work, Naskręcki aims to showcase the importance of these smaller organisms in the natural world and promote their conservation.

Instagram account: Piotr Naskręcki

8. Steve Winter [@stevewinterphoto]

With an impressive following of 766K, Steve Winter specializes in capturing breathtaking images of big cats, particularly the elusive and endangered snow leopards. 

His photography showcases the power, grace, and vulnerability of these majestic creatures, raising awareness about their conservation and the threats they face.

 Winter’s work highlights the urgent need to protect these iconic species and their habitats for future generations.

Instagram account: Steve Winter

9. Ami Vitale [@amivitale]

With 1.3 million followers, Ami Vitale’s photography explores the intimate connection between humans and wildlife.

 Her images capture the beauty and vulnerability of animals, showcasing their resilience and the need for conservation efforts. 

Vitale’s work takes viewers on a journey around the world, shedding light on various wildlife conservation projects and inspiring people to take action to protect our planet’s biodiversity.

Instagram account: Ami Vitale

10. Frans Lanting [@franslanting]

With 907K followers, Frans Lanting is known for his artistic and evocative wildlife and landscape photography.

 His images capture the essence and beauty of the natural world, revealing the intricate relationships between animals, their environments, and the ever-changing planet. 

Lanting’s work serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of preserving and appreciating the Earth’s ecosystems, encouraging viewers to become advocates for conservation.

Instagram account: Frans Lanting


These ten wildlife photographers on Instagram have not only honed their craft but have also utilized the power of social media to raise awareness about conservation and the beauty of wildlife. 

Through their breathtaking images, they transport us to remote corners of the Earth, capturing the intricate details of nature and the incredible diversity of species.

Collectively, these photographers serve as ambassadors for nature, urging us to appreciate, protect, and conserve the incredible wildlife and natural habitats that surround us. 

Through their work, they inspire us to become better stewards of the Earth and strive for a future where wildlife and nature can thrive.

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