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Photography magazines are the best source to be aware of the photography community. It helps you to learn and collect information about photography and things related to it.

There is an abundance of information and resources available to acquire knowledge. That helps you to stay connected and grow.

The magazine publisher provides you the option of subscribing to the physical copy, digital contents. Also the email letter, to receive news and information on a specific interval of time.

There are 1000 photography magazines in the market worldwide. Here in this article, we have selected the best 10 magazines.

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10 best photography magazines in the world

  1. Aperture
  2. Outdoor Photographer
  3. Photolife
  4. Practical photography
  5. Nature Photographer
  6. Amateur Photographer
  7. Digital Camera magazine
  8. Outdoor Photography Magazine
  9. British Journal of Photography
  10. Black and White Photography Magazine


Aperture magazine is one of the major publications of aperture foundation. They also publish books, blogs, photobook reviews, ebooks, catalog, and magazine archives.

Aperture is the Non-for-profit organization founded in 1952. They think for the advancement of the photographers and the photo community. They connect the artists, the photo community, and its audience with the inspiring works and ideas in person, print, and online.

Aperture magazine subscription details

They provide three categories of subscription yearly basis on print and online basis.

  • Print + Archive + Digital Edition
  • Print + Digital Edition
  • Archive + Digital Edition

Aperture Magazine is Available on

For more information visit aperture magazine subscription.

Outdoor Photographer

Outdoor Photographer is the publication of Madavor Media, they publish content on many different topics like creativity, aviation, and wellness. Digital photo and Digital photo pro are part issues of Madavor Media.

It is one of the iconic publications committed to exploring nature’s especially landscape and wildlife and features the most celebrated artist in the same field. They also talk about techniques and equipment for beginners to master the arts.

They publish their content in print as well as a digital edition.

Outdoor Photographer is available on

For more details on subscription visit Outdoor photographers

Photo Life

Photo life is a Canadian magazine established in 1976. This is known as the leading source of photography in Canada. They always produce inspiring content like interviews of prominent photographers, funny stories, blogs on techniques and equipment, and many more.

Photo Life and Photo solution is the only member of the TIPA Technical Imaging Press Association.

Photo Life is Available on

They produce digital as well as print publications. You can purchase the magazine or can get yearly subscriptions.

Practical photography

Practical Photography is a UK based magazine dedicated to photography. They publish digital copy as well as a hard copy. They also produce content on their website and social media. The magazine is issued every month.

The magazine includes product reviews, tips, techniques, interview Q&N and more.

Practical Photography is available on

Here is the more information about Practical Photography Magazine

Nature Photographer

Nature Photographer magazine is focused on nature photography. They produced content for beginners to professional nature photographers and nature enthusiasts. 

They publish print magazines three times a year including all four seasons, Spring, Summer, Fall, and winter. They will help you to get out there and be a part of the natural world.

Their contents include:

  • Product information and reviews
  • How to photographs from beginners to professionals
  • How to use the equipment.
  • Guides to field techniques
  • Natural history information

They produce print magazines and websites for photography publications.

Nature Photographer is available on

Amateur Photographer

Amateur Photographer was first published in 1884. It is the world’s oldest weekly photography magazine. Since then it has been the bible for beginners, amateur and professional photographers. And for all the photo-enthusiasts all over the world.

It is also available in digital format along with a print magazine. It is a UK based publishing organization that publishes the magazine weekly.

Amateur Photographer is available on

Digital Camera Magazine

Digital Camera Magazine is one of the major publications of the Digital camera world. They provide the ultimate source of inspiration and creativity to all levels of photographers. Every magazine contains tips, tricks, techniques, and buying guides. 

All the contents are written by a team of contributors and passionate photographers. They offer freebies and gifts every month with the magazine. 

In every magazine you will find:

  • Tips, tricks, and techniques for expert photographers
  • Products round ups
  • Contents for photographers of all stages
  • Freebies and gift to learn and explore

Digital Camera Magazine Subscription packages

  • Print 
  • Premium 
  • Digital

Digital Camera is available on 

Outdoor Photography magazine

Outdoor photography is one of the leading magazines specialized in wildlife, nature, landscape and adventure photography.

This is the only magazine in the UK that publishes content that is passionate about going out in wild places. 

They provide online and print magazine resources for outdoor photography ideas, instructions, information, and inspiration. 

They are also interested in conservation and the environment.  They issue every month with stunning photographs and contents related to photography. It is published in the UK and beyond.

This is the platform, a community where all the passionate photographers come together to learn and explore from the expert photographers. They provide inspiration, ideas, techniques, and interaction with other photographers who feel the same.

Outdoor Photography guide is available on

British Journal Of photography

British Journal Of photography is the publication of 1854 media UK. Bjp is the world’s oldest photographic community providing inspiration, ideas, and resources to photographers around the world.

Their mission is to be the imperative platform for the photographers, providing them the vital tools to discover and succeed to nurture the talented photographer, connecting them internationally.

They provide digital and print magazines where millions of photographers, artists come together to contribute to producing valuable content.

British Journal Of photography is available on

Black and White Photography Magazine

Black and White Photography magazine represents monochrome photography. They are known for compelling photographs, quality writings, and stylish design. 

Black and white photography covers a wide range of genres including street, portraiture, still life, landscape, and documentary.

The magazine was launched in 2001, since then they have interviewed many renowned photographers around the world. Like David Bailey, Michael Kenna, Vanessa Winship, Nick Brandt, Michael Ackerman, and Sarah Moon.

They inspire all levels of monochrome photographers across the world. They engage and inspire readers to take their photography to the next level. Within recent years, they have developed a strong international readership.

Black and White Photography is Available on


These magazines, whether print or digital are published with the sole motive to inspire and encourage photographers and people interested in photography. 

There is an abundance of resources available online to learn, practice, and explore photography.

There are many photography magazines and blogs available but we were restricted to select the 10 best photography magazines in the world.

If you have anything to ask about this article or photography. Feel free to comment below. I would love to hear it from you.

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