Olympus has Transfer its Camera division to Japanese company JIP

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A big Why to all the Olympus fans and users

Olympus has made an official announcement of signing Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with JIP Japanese Industrial Partners, Inc. The Mou states that both the companies have come into a commitment for the transfer of the imaging division of Olympus to JIP.

The imaging division includes cameras and related products. 

The Business functions will not stop

During the formation of the MoU. It states that the imaging business will run as it is. There will be no effect on the process and the functions of this division. 

All the departments like sales, service, and marketing will continue to function as it is. Also the MoU says they will even work hard to provide customer support to the passionate photographer with better product and service.

Is this the right step by Olympus

The Olympus news says it’s the best step to hold the legacy of the brand. To develop the value of its technologies and produce outstanding products.

Will there be a downfall in the sales or the customers will face some problems.

Olympus viewed this transfer as an opportunity of the camera business to provide longtime value to the customers, photographers, and fans. 

Why is Olympus selling its Camera division?

You are a photographer who owns an Olympus camera, or you are a great fan of them and was making the decision to buy one Olympus camera. This morning this news hits you.

There are many such questions and situations are obvious to arise. Though

As a photographer, we should know that this is a corporate disclosure and they clearly state that this is done to better the growth and development of the brand in terms of market value, technologies, and quality products.

So we can hope for the best until the products continue to be the same or with advancements. In this case, we should have a quick study of the company with whom Olympus has signed an MoU.

JIP is a Japanese company that helps in regrowing the industries in japan by partnering with them. Here is the quick vision of the company:

  • To focus on the potential industries for growth and development
  • Supporting business by revitalizing and growing also by utilizing the existing business
  • Invest and Focus on business transformation and business restructure
  • Emphasis business strategies and support for long term growth

Now take a deep breath and relax. Here are some of their investment records. This will make it clear that Olympus has made a good decision for the customers, fans, and photography enthusiasts.

  • Hitachi Kokusai Electric Co., Ltd.
  • VAIO Corporation
  • Yamaha Living Tech Co., Ltd.

So not to worry guys, your “Olympus” is in safe hands.

Final thoughts

This division of Olympus is made to the reconstruction and restructure the operation and management of the brand. For the better growth and development of the camera and its related products.

It looks Olympus is in a mood to give competitions to market leaders in imaging businesses. Like Canon, Nikon, and Sony.

JIP has a good industry record. Thought we will keep providing you Olympus camera reviews.

Stay tuned with us for the Latest News Related to photography, camera, and they’re by-products. 

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